A French Village
A French Village



First Aired

Jun 04, 2009


A French Village


Network: France 3

Status: Continuing


A French village and its inhabitants go through the ups and (mainly) downs of the occupation by the German army from 1940 to 1945. The village doctor is assigned as mayor, and confronted with the challenges, dilemmas, and contradictory demands and situations. At the same time, there is a lot of personal interactions with a number of interesting characters.


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Forced Labour

Episode 1

Raymond helps his brother-in-law Antoine to escape. In hiding, Antoine meets Claude,... Read more


Episode 2

Antoine and Claude meet other young people hiding in the forest.... Read more

The Birth of a Chief

Episode 3

Claude, Antoine and their comrades discuss joining the Resistance. Despite the danger,... Read more


Episode 4

Life in hiding is increasingly difficult. Antoine tries to rally the... Read more

The Arrest

Episode 5

Marcel is stopped during a routine control. In Moissey, the Milice... Read more

The Move

Episode 6

Raymond is depressed after Josephine's death, and Antoine can't accept the... Read more


Episode 7

Plans are being made to help Marcel, Raoul and Anselme... Read more

Three Shots

Episode 8

Antoine and Raymond manage to free the prisoners. They all go... Read more

Birth Certificate

Episode 9

Arrested and tortured by the Milice, Daniel is then imprisoned with... Read more

Alsace and Lorraine

Episode 10

11th November 1943. The Resistance fighters wait for the signal to... Read more

The Day After

Episode 11

There is great excitement in the hideout after the march, but... Read more

Making Sense of the World

Episode 12

Interrogated by Marchetti, Marguerite reveals the hideout to protect Lucienne. Antoine and... Read more

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