A Certain Scientific Railgun
A Certain Scientific Railgun



First Aired

Oct 02, 2009


A Certain Scientific Railgun


Network: AT-X

Status: Ended


This story is set in a world where supernatural powers exist through science, and magic exists through religion, in ‘University City.’ (2.3 million inhabitants) Meet the civilian protagonist Mikoto and her friend Kuroko, maintainers of peace and order at the University district, as members of the 'Judgement'.


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Episode 1

Ruiko is chased by some thugs in an alleyway until... Read more

Life Interrupt (Critical)

Episode 2

Mikoto recalls in a dream of how, when she was... Read more

Railgun Mass-Production Plan (Radio Noise Project)

Episode 3

Mikoto is reminded of rumors about there being a clone... Read more


Episode 4

Three months earlier, in an unknown facility, a pair of... Read more

Definite Power Advancement Project (Level 6 Shift Project)

Episode 5

After unwillingingly helping her rescue a kitten from a tree,... Read more

Because I Can See Them All

Episode 6

Mikoto unleashes her anger at Accelerator, who quickly deduces she... Read more

We Want to Help You

Episode 7

As Mikoto secretly lays waste to each of the labs... Read more


Episode 8

With only two facilities remaining, the higher ups behind the... Read more

Aim Stalker Power Trace

Episode 9

Mikoto attempts to escape from Shizuri's attacks, which proves difficult... Read more

Particle Destabilizer (Meltdowner)

Episode 10

As Mikoto eventually comes face to face with Shizuri, she... Read more

Vending Machine

Episode 11

Mikoto runs into Touma, who, unbeknownst to her, has lost... Read more

Tree Diagram

Episode 12

Mikoto resolves to destroy the Tree Diagram, the supercomputer responsible... Read more

One way - Accelerator

Episode 13

Mikoto falls in despair, realising that with the Tree Diagram... Read more


Episode 14

Tōma arrives at the Tokiwadai dorms, where he is reluctantly... Read more

Tōma Kamijō

Episode 15

Despite the injuries he received from Mikoto, Tōma goes off... Read more


Episode 16

Accelerator demands to know why Mikoto is protecting Misaka 10032... Read more

Study Group

Episode 17

When asked by the Dorm Supervisor to explain her absences,... Read more


Episode 18

A curious organisation oversees ITEM as they fight against a... Read more

Academy City Research Exhibit Assembly

Episode 19

The girls are unable to find out any more information... Read more


Episode 20

As AntiSkill become curious over how the security bots functioned... Read more


Episode 21

Heaven Canceler goes on to explain to Mikoto that Febri's... Read more


Episode 22

With Mikoto refusing to leave until she gets information about... Read more

Dawn of a Revolution

Episode 23

Aritomi explains how he started the Chemicaloid Project out of... Read more

Eternal Party

Episode 24

The entirety of Judgment joins Kuroko and the others in... Read more

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