A Certain Scientific Railgun
A Certain Scientific Railgun



First Aired

Oct 02, 2009


A Certain Scientific Railgun


Network: AT-X

Status: Ended


This story is set in a world where supernatural powers exist through science, and magic exists through religion, in ‘University City.’ (2.3 million inhabitants) Meet the civilian protagonist Mikoto and her friend Kuroko, maintainers of peace and order at the University district, as members of the 'Judgement'.


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Electro Master

Episode 1

Kuroko Shirai, a member of Academy City's Public Moral Committee,... Read more

For Working Under the Blazing Sun, Proper Hydration is Required

Episode 2

Mikoto encounters Tōma Kamijō (the protagonist of To Aru Majutsu... Read more

Tokiwadai Targeted

Episode 3

Kuroko and Mikoto invites Kazari and Ruiko to go shopping... Read more

Urban Legend

Episode 4

While the girls are discussing about urban legends, Mikoto isn’t... Read more

A Certain Newbie Training of Two

Episode 5

While investigating a series of car break-ins, Kuroko and Uiharu... Read more

Everyone Likes This Sort of Thing

Episode 6

Mikoto learns from Kuroko about a series of small harmless... Read more

Ability and Power

Episode 7

With incidents involving graviton bombs becoming more frequent and bigger... Read more

Level Upper

Episode 8

Kazari gets a cold and cannot go to school, but... Read more

Majority Report

Episode 9

Mikoto and Kuroko talk with Harumi Kiyama, the specialist Mikoto... Read more

Silent Majority

Episode 10

Ruiko uses the Level Upper on herself and her friends... Read more

Ms. Kiyama

Episode 11

Harumi explains she used the Level Upper as an alternative... Read more

AIM Burst

Episode 12

As Mikoto fights the strange creature, who can regenerate and... Read more

Special Training

Episode 14

Whilst everyone else gets a day off, Ruiko has to... Read more

Skill Out

Episode 15

Mitsuko finds herself attacked by Skill Out, a gang of... Read more

Academy City

Episode 16

When Konori asks Kurozuma why he hadn't contacted her, she... Read more

Spelling the Summer Holidays

Episode 17

AntiSkill member Tsuduri Tessou is having a bad day, first... Read more

Cypress Park

Episode 18

After incurring her wrath the previous night, Mikoto and Kuroko... Read more

Midsummer Festival

Episode 19

The Tokiwadai dorms hold a public midsummer festival and Mikoto,... Read more


Episode 20

As more earthquakes occur, Mitsuko finds herself attacked by her... Read more


Episode 21

Following the Poltergeist incident, Mikoto wonders if Harumi Kiyama is... Read more

Level 6

Episode 22

Erii mentions Banri was her friend before she moved to... Read more

What Are Your Eyes Seeing Now?

Episode 23

Telestina takes Erii to see Banri. Still feeling some concern,... Read more

Dear My Friends

Episode 24

Mikoto and the others catch up with Harumi, who was... Read more

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