18 To Life
18 To Life



First Aired

Jan 04, 2010


18 To Life


Network: CBC (CA)

Status: Ended


18 TO LIFE is about a couple that does the unthinkable in the name of love: they run off and get married at the tender age of 18. Their parents-next-door neighbors and polar opposites-are less than thrilled and even their peers disapprove. As Tom and Jessie struggle to become man and wife in a world that still views them as kids, the tension between their families adds a dose of biting humor to their sweet love story.


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One Is the Loneliest Number

Episode 1

Tom and Jessie take inventory of their past sexual partners.... Read more

15 Minutes of Shame

Episode 2

When Wendy does a documentary on why marriages work or... Read more

Part Time Lovers

Episode 3

Tom and Jessie finds jobs at the same book store,... Read more

I Do and I Don't

Episode 4

Phil pulls a Tom and asks Tara to marry him... Read more


Episode 5

Tom tries to spice up his cooking skills. Tara develops... Read more

Family Portrait

Episode 6

When Tara gives the Bellows a really awful painting she's... Read more

Sleepless in the Attic

Episode 7

When Phil's school pal Serena bikes into town with for... Read more

The Flushing Point

Episode 8

A row over toilet seat etiquette escalates into an all-out... Read more

Miss Conceived

Episode 9

Tom discovers a positive pregnancy stick and suddenly everyone is... Read more

If a Bellow Falls in the Forest

Episode 10

Nature is never the same when the families roll onto... Read more

Like Father, Like Son's Best Friend

Episode 11

When Tom ropes Carter into helping his father with taxes,... Read more

The Gate

Episode 12

When Tom's cruel Grandmother discovers he's married, she croaks on... Read more

House of Cards

Episode 13

Tom and Jessie exchange anniversary gifts. Read more

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