18 To Life
18 To Life



First Aired

Jan 04, 2010


18 To Life


Network: CBC (CA)

Status: Ended


18 TO LIFE is about a couple that does the unthinkable in the name of love: they run off and get married at the tender age of 18. Their parents-next-door neighbors and polar opposites-are less than thrilled and even their peers disapprove. As Tom and Jessie struggle to become man and wife in a world that still views them as kids, the tension between their families adds a dose of biting humor to their sweet love story.


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A Modest Proposal

Episode 1

Tom and Jessie announce their engagement, throwing their families into... Read more

No Strings Attached

Episode 2

Tom and Jessie's attempt to find a place of their... Read more

It's My Party

Episode 3

Jessie makes an ill-fated stab at winning Judith over at... Read more


Episode 4

Tom's manhood is tested when Jessie tries to teach him... Read more

Baby Got Bank

Episode 5

Jessie and Tom enter the dangerous waters of the joint... Read more

Goy Story

Episode 6

A secret from Ben's past threatens to ignite over a... Read more

Hanging Pictures

Episode 7

Tom discovers that parental endorsement does nothing for his sex... Read more

Phil 'Er Up

Episode 8

A fight between Phil and Tara forces the newlyweds to... Read more

Working Noon to Five

Episode 9

Tom and Phil team up in an ill-fated business scheme;... Read more

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Episode 10

The parents get trapped in Phil's garage with unresolved tensions... Read more

In Sickness and in Health

Episode 11

Judith and Jessie compete to look after Tom when he... Read more


Episode 12

Life as a married man can be all-consuming: arguments, in-laws,... Read more

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