12 Monkeys
12 Monkeys



First Aired

Jan 16, 2015


12 Monkeys


Network: Syfy

Status: Continuing


By 2043, a virus has wiped out most of the world's population. One time traveler, Cole, must journey throughout time to prevent the virus from ever happening and stop its engineers, the Army of the 12 Monkeys.


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Episode 1

27 years after a virus wipes out most of humanity,... Read more

Mentally Divergent

Episode 2

The trail of a mysterious organization called the “Army of... Read more

Cassandra Complex

Episode 3

Cole's search for the location of the virus leads him... Read more


Episode 4

A fight for the future ensues when a dangerous band... Read more

The Night Room

Episode 5

Cole and Dr. Railly face off with the Army of... Read more

The Red Forest

Episode 6

When the tragic events of the Night Room create an... Read more

The Keys

Episode 7

Cole, Dr. Railly and Aaron strive to stop the virus... Read more


Episode 8

The Core that powers the time machine is fading. To... Read more


Episode 9

Cole finds himself in 2017 at the height of the... Read more

Divine Move

Episode 10

Forces come to a head when Ramse does what it... Read more


Episode 11

Cole splinters to Tokyo, 1987 in a last chance effort... Read more


Episode 12

With Cole dying from the effects of time-travel, Railly must... Read more

Arms of Mine

Episode 13

Cole and Railly attempt a final confrontation with their closest... Read more

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